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Saturday, October 1, 2016
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Drink Local

Yahara Bay products are handcrafted in small batches using Wisconsin-grown ingredients, creating a world-class product with local roots.

We strive to support Wisconsin farmers and merchants to develop and produce our premium spirits and liqeuers. Our apples come from the south west, cranberries from the north east, sorghum from the south, and herbs and spices from throughout Wisconsin. Savor the flavors of Wisconsin in each one of our fine products.


Yahara Bay Spirits

Yahara Bay is a family owned and operated Madison-based distillery that searches the State of Wisconsin to find the best grains, fruits and herbs cultivated by local growers to make their premium spirits. All of their products are hand-crafted in small batches creating a world-class taste with local roots. Yahara Bay currently produces 16 products, from gin and vodka, to bourbons and whiskeys, to an assortment of liqueurs.


NEW Seraphine Chai Tea Vodka -  Yahara Bay's newest creation, Seraphine Chai Tea Vodka, is a blend of their award winning premium vodka and organic black chai tea.  Distilled four times and produced with WI honeycrisp apples, this spirit is perfect for the holidays in a Chai Latte Martini or served White Russian style over ice.  The label was painted by Brazilian artist Jonatas Chimen and signed bottles will be available for purchase starting in December.


 Premium Vodka – Distilled four times then filtered three times makes this small batch vodka extra smooth. Produced from Wisconsin grown Honey Crisp apples and corn, this lively spirit leaves hints of pepper, anise, and caramel corn on the tongue.  Perfect for mixing or served neat over ice. Awarded a silver medal by the Beverage Tasting Institute.

Extra Dry Gin – Crafted using a proprietary blend of botanicals that include juniper, fennel, and coriander, gives this gin an earthy yet clean finish.  Our unique steam infusion process imparts subtle flavors that are never harsh or bitter. Perfect for martinis, gimlets, or even on the rocks. Awarded a gold medal by the World Beverage Competition.

Premium White Rum – It starts with the highest food-grade molasses and touch of Wisconsin-grown sorghum giving this rum a hint of sweetness and uncommon depth.  In keeping with traditional Caribbean-style distilling we use yeast developed specifically for rum fermentation.  Smooth enough to drink straight and also in your favorite rum and cola, mojito, or daiquiri.  Awarded a gold medal by the World Beverage Competition.

Apple Brandy – Savor the flavor of Wisconsin Honey Crisp apples picked at the peak of perfection by local farmers in the Kickapoo Valley. Highly rated by the Beverage Tasting Institute as having rich golden amber color. Baked apple, buttery caramel, and honey aromas follow through on a round supple entry to a dry medium-to-full body with dusty spice and mineral accents, and finishing with a peppery praline and bourbon barrel vanilla fade.

Lemoncella– An exquisite, fun liqueur typically found on the shores of Italy, is now produced on the shores of Madison, WI.  Using fresh lemon zest and sweet neutral spirits, this bright and tart spirit is perfect served straight up and ice cold, yet versatile enough for cocktails and excellent to cook with. 

Holz's Apple Crisp Liqueur– Perfect for tailgating, warmed with cider, fruitful summer spritzers, or drink straight for a unique shot, Holz’s Apple Crisp  is the perfect spirit when you need to be reminded of why you love Wisconsin. Heavy with aromas of apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar, this fun liqueur makes an impact in any drink.

Mad Bird Rum - Made from pure, dark molasses and twice distilled to be extra smooth.  This rich, amber-colored rum aged almost 18 months comes on strong with hearty notes of fresh-cut sugar cane, leaving traces of warm molasses cookies on the tongue.

Whiskey – Made with four Wisconsin grown grains and aged in oak barrels, the aromas invite thoughts of leather and tobacco with hints of sweet corn and nutmeg. As the very first aged whiskey produced in Wisconsin since prohibition, we are proud to introduce a new Wisconsin favorite.

V Bourbon Whiskey - Introducing V, Yahara Bay's new 2012 Whiskey Bourbon. Already a 2012 gold medal winner at the MicroLiquor Awards, V is aged 3 years and is artisanally crafted in small batch/single barrels. "Revealing anything more would ruin the FINISH."

Charred Oak Bourbon Whiskey - Made in small batches, this Bourbon Whiskey has a deep amber finish with cherry overtones. While sipping you will taste the initial flavors of earth and charred oak and finish with a slightly sweet vanilla taste on the palate. A perfect match to any cigar.

Kirschwasser – From the German word for “cherry water” Yahara Bay Kirschwasser is a highly refined unsweetened cherry brandy made from 100% Montmorency tart cherries grown in Door County Wisconsin. Whole cherries are crushed then fermented releasing subtle notes of cherry and almond on the tongue. Double distilled for extra smoothness, this is the perfect spirit for sipping.

Cocoa Liqueur – Made with all-natural, dark bittersweet cocoa, and this liqueur has a smooth flavor on the tongue with a strong cocoa aroma and a slightly bitter finish. Perfect for mixing chocolate martini’s, white Russian’s, and with other various fruit juice based drinks. A definite must for the dark chocolate lover and fun for mixologists everywhere!

Coffee Liqueur - Yahara Bay’s Coffee Liqueur is really a combination of artisan whiskey and artisan coffee beans. Produced with fresh coffee beans from a local Madison, WI roaster, this liqueur displays a unique and bold blend – any coffee lover’s dream.

Lightning Whiskey - This white whiskey is a throwback from days after prohibition ended.  The spirit is 110 proof made with corn, wheat, barley and rye.  Bottled straight from the still, this spirit will give you a taste of moonshine minus the burn!

Birnenschnaps - This barrel aged brandy made with locally grown pears is a limited edition.  Only 85 bottles are available.  The distinct pear flavor settles nicely on the pallate as the smooth brandy finds its way to your core.  Enjoy while you can!