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Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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"Carl" - The Copper Still at Yahara Bay Distillers, Madison WI

Small Batch Distilling

From the streets of Madison's farmer's markets to the shores of Lake Superior, we search the State to find grains, fruits, and herbs cultivated by local growers to make our premium spirits. All of our products are hand-crafted in small batches creating a world-class taste with local roots.

Center stage in the distilling process is "CARL",
our 90-gallon copper still (pictured at left).


Customized with a vapor infuser, it allows us to impart subtle yet distinct flavors to the spirits without using artificial flavorings or boiling the aromatics directly in the liquids, which can cause a harsh, bitter taste on the tongue. 

From each batch created, the “heads” and the “tails" are removed, leaving the “heart” which contains the highest levels of purity, which not only taste better, but helps you avoid impurity induced headaches. 

After refining and filtering, each batch creates enough liquor for aproximately 600, 750ml. bottles. Some we bottle immediately, and some we cask in charred oak wine barrels and set aside for aging to be enjoyed when it reaches it peak flavor.