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Monday, September 26, 2016
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The Gallery at Yahara Bay

In keeping with our opinion that craft distilling is just as much an art as a science, we host an on-site gallery to showcase the work of some of Wisconsin's most talented artists. Visit our website for details on upcoming shows, past artists, or sign up here to be emailed with upcoming shows.

Cherie St.Cyr

I love creating vivid and inspirational artwork that uses a variety materials, vibrant colors, abstract designs, and unique textures.  Primarily focused on fiber art, my works include items from the functional to the fantastic including potholders and scarves, wall-sized hangings and kites.

For more information please visit my website or contact me at or at 608.257.6697.


Frank Lawrence

In contrast to the contemporary vogue of conceptual art, my work is meant to be aesthetic in the old fashioned sense. My paintings have no text and are not about conveying ideas. They are meant to be taken at facevalue and to provoke an experience.  

For me, that experience is one of awakening to the sense of wonder and imagination. Through this window I see evidence of the process of change, which when taken to the point of harmony and resolution allows truth and beauty to emerge. Like wildflowers blooming in a wilderness where they may never be seen, truth and beauty are irrepressible and inherent in nature and the creative process. The pursuit of this experience is what my paintings are about for me - nothing more.

This, however, is not to say that my work is self-indulgence nor is it an apolitical aestheticism. All creative work and creative thought demand courage and openness - and is therefore an indictment of our current fear based consciousness. One must only awaken to the world and times in which we live to see the failure of power and dominance to deliver peace. Rather, as the world grows smaller and more crowded, as we grow bigger and more powerful, this way of seeing is bringing us to the end of ourselves.

Something has to give. We must learn to see anew. We need new paintings, new visions, new ways of seeing. Instead of trying to fix and control the world to conform to our fears, perhaps we should be trying to find peace within ourselves. Discover and express your joy! Paradise may be closer than you think!

For more information please visit my website at  or contact me directly at or 608.213.7504