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Sunday, September 25, 2016
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The Gallery at Yahara Bay

In keeping with our opinion that craft distilling is just as much an art as a science, we host an on-site gallery to showcase the work of some of Wisconsin's most talented artists. Browse our website for details on upcoming shows, past artists, or sign up HERE to be emailed with upcoming shows.





Everett Kitts is an acrylic painter who pours the depth of his life experiences on canvas with texture, color, and an enormous amount of heart. Everett settled in Madison after a journey from the North East in efforts to build a relationship with his father in Fond Du Lac who left him at birth. While he has made connections with his father, he has found real belonging in Madison. "I feel that I fit here in Madison. I was searching for a family bond in order to begin a much needed healing process.   I didn't expect it, but I've found what I was looking for here, in the Madison community," Everett says.
At ten years old, Everett entered Rhode Island's custody, moving from foster homes, to group homes, to institutions; until he chose to run away. At thirteen years old, Everett was living in cardboard boxes on the streets of New York City. He did what he had to in order to survive, some of which he is ashamed of and some which amazes him as an adult. "Sometimes I feel like I was stronger when I was a kid."   As an adult he is exploring the vulnerable emotions of an abandoned child and using art as a main component of his healing process.
 "My art reflects that which lives inside me. There are two sides of this; a dark, perilous existence and a bright, hopeful one." Everett's work exemplifies the coexistence of darkness and light, leaving the viewer with a deep sense of the mystery and beauty life offers.
In July of 2010, Everett participated in Bartell Theater's 'Art Lives Here,' a first time experiment inviting artists to show and talk about their work with a live audience. Everett credits this opportunity with a new phase in his life, "I'm beginning to tell my story. I had no idea how much healing I still had to do." A video of his 'Art Lives Here' experience will be shown at the reception.