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Thursday, September 29, 2016
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The Gallery at
Yahara Bay

In keeping with our opinion that craft distilling is just as much an art as a science, we host an on-site gallery to showcase the work of some of Wisconsin's most talented artists. Visit our website for details on upcoming shows, past artists, or sign up here to be emailed with upcoming shows.

Past Artists

Heather Denson - A Fusion of Color 
June 4, 2010 - July 30, 2010

Artist Statement:

As I paint, a door of transition opens. A culmination of dreams and waves of energy arise.  Life's energy teases me at various levels. Some mornings I awake with certain colors or a design embedded in my psyche. Other times, while trekking through nature, I feel contentment and joy at all levels, emotions arise.  

From a place of love, I ignite my candle and creativity. As I pick up my paint brush, I set an intention for each oil painting. My brush moves effortlessly as I apply the base colors; I am in my "flow." This is a surreal time as I experience various emotions. Some brush strokes are long and fluid, others short and sharp. Often times, I use my palette knife, creating thick textured lines and swirls. This dimensionality stirs a fire within bringing the piece to life. Some designs are vivid, others soft. As I etch my name into the piece, with my pallet knife, a deep and profound inner knowing is established. Painting voices my various layers of thought and emotion.