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Monday, September 26, 2016
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The Gallery at Yahara Bay

In keeping with our opinion that craft distilling is just as much an art as a science, we host an on-site gallery to showcase the work of some of Wisconsin's most talented artists. Visit our website for details on upcoming shows, past artists, or sign up here to be emailed with upcoming shows.

Karen Sund-Currie, Artist

Karen Sund-Currie, Artist

Karen Sund-Currie

Art Showing through Nov. 6, 2009 at Yahara Bay Gallery

Karen writes:

My artwork represents my love of nature and my delight in animals, both real and imagined.  I love the details, colors and designs which I see daily in my gardens and in the natural areas which surround out country farmhouse.  My many pets bring a wonderful dimension to my life and never cease to amaze me with their joy in living.  Many of the images found in my work are taken from photo collages which I create, then use as subject matter.  I also enjoy creating distinct animal characters and portraying some of the humor they bring to life.

Karen Sund-Currie, ArtistMy work conbines elements of imagination, surrealism and photorealism but is hard to categorize into any particular style.  I love taking everyday objects, figures, animals or events and presenting them in new and unexpected ways.

All of my pieces are a mix of fantasy and reality.  Although there are several oil paintings in the show, most of the pieces shown involve the use of acrylic paints on wood.  All of the the 3D constructions are original and made of wood from scratch.  I cut and shape the pieces using a variety of hand and power tools.  After the final sanding is completed, each piece is primed with 1-2 coats of gesso, then painted with acrylic paints.  I use a very fine, small brush to achieve the highly detailed images I create.  Each piece involves many, many hours of concentrated work.  A number of the pieces being shown depict highly realistic paintings on functional objects such as a cupboard or armoire, chairs, a serving tray, etc.  These, while maintaining their original functions, are thus transformed into works of art.

Many of the pieces in this show center around a creature I’ve created that’s come to be known as a “Ramone.” Ramones appear in many familiar settings which mimic everyday life but always with an element of surprise. Ramone was boarn of my imagination by lives in a world which often parallels our own.

I would like each viewer to enter my imaginary world and enjoy the richness of color and the highly detailed images or patterns that are created. Each setting, each creature presents a distinct story which can be interpreted by the viewer’s own imagination.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Karen Sund-Currie