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Thursday, September 29, 2016
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Yahara Bay Distillery makes 20 different hand-crafted spirits in small batches all from the best fruits, grains and herbs found throughout the state of WI.  Join us for a tour and sample any of the amazing spirits we have to offer.

New for the Holidays...

Yahara Bay's Best Selling, 2 Year, 4 Grain, Single Barrel Whiskey in a Limited Edition Barrel Bottle.  Bottles are ONLY sold at Yahara Bay Distillery, are $34/each and will go on sale Thursday, December 18th!








Have fun aging your own whiskey!

Now Available:  Age your own Yahara Bay Whiskey Kit. This kit includes 1, 750 ml bottle of unaged 110 proof Yahara Bay Lightning Whiskey and 1 Liter New Oak Barrel (medium char with removable bung and spigot), and instructions on how to age and proof the whiskey in your new mini barrel.  These kits sell for $89.00 and can be purchased today at Yahara Bay Distillery!